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We have experts from varied business domains who can help clients resolve business specific issues or key pain areas of customers. With proven experience and subject matter expertise, clients go ahead with their product development confidently.

Obsession With Analysis

Beyond Root team believes that every solution resides in the problem itself, which is why we analyze everything at every stage. Right from the stage of conceptualization, we analyze project requirements and moving along, we analyze the development process, its results, impacts, etc. till we finally deliver a product that goes beyond the client’s expectations.

Hard Work & Smart Work

Rather than choosing one, we work hard while implementing smart methods. Our team is chosen on the basis of skill and attitude equally. As a result, we have built a comprehensive team of developers, designers, marketers, growth hackers, and independent thinkers who can push boundaries and deliver revolutionary products, time and again.

Relationships Over Associations

Unlike the ruthless corporate world, Beyond Root team has focused on creating lifetime relationships with clients while serving them the best of technology. For us, the deadline of a project does not mean the end of our client relationship, it is rather just a milestone.

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar, being an avid technology enthusiast, stays on top of the latest trends in web and mobile technology. He is a versatile leader, a strategic entrepreneur, and most importantly, a skilled multi-tasker who plays the role of a CEO, CTO, and CMO efficiently. With his sense of business planning and technology adaptation, Beyond Root Technology Services has delivered phenomenal web and mobile products to clients across the world. He lends his planning ability to the clients and his technical expertise to his team, thus, ensuring that he plays roles will all his heart and soul. The team of Beyond Root is growing its roots only because Sanjeev Kumar has been watering and nurturing it since the beginning.

Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Kumar, Co-founder of Beyond Root Technology Services, ensures the successful management of the company and sets future goals. He is responsible for devising strategies to streamline business operations and improve work productivity. Collaborating with the CEO, he also makes plans to propel an extensive and sustainable growth of the organization. Rakesh determines the direction of the business by working with upper management and leading team members to implement the strategies and achieve the goals in a stipulated period.

Baljeet Singh
Project Manager

Baljeet Singh is the tech ninja of Beyond Root Technology Services. Being the linchpin of the organization, Baljeet ensures that professionalism and work ethics are maintained conscientiously by all the employees. Under his guidance, our product and services deliveries are always on time. While sharing his technical knowledge with different teams, he also manages healthy client relationships. Baljeet Singh has been adding value to Beyond Root team since the beginning, and it has made all the differences.



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