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6 Mistakes That Can Affect React Native App Development Process

React Native App Developers

Developing a mobile app using React Native is an excellent choice in today’s cutting-edge competition. The framework has gained global adoption due to its massive benefits. However, React Native app developers often make mistakes that can hinder the app development process or affect its performance. Here we have outlined a few common mistakes they should avoid to get the most of this framework and create smooth apps.

React Native App Development Mistakes to Avoid

Wrong Estimation

The wrong estimation is one of the most common mistakes made by React Native app developers while building an app. Things they should pay attention to are:

Layout for iOS and Android Version – Developers don’t consider that the layout for iOS and Android version is quite different. Yes, there are several common reusable components, but the design of the two platforms could be different. Even the app structure for these platforms can be different entirely. 

Forms – Developers should also estimate the validation layout form. This is because they are supposed to write more codes while developing a React Native app compared to a hybrid app using Cordova.

Creating Web Apps – Developers should check all the different endpoints offered by the backend. Since they have to handle the logic in the application, it should be coded accurately.  

Improper Redux Store Planning

When React Native app developers get an innovative project, they focus more on app layout planning and less on data handling. This is where Redux comes in handy. It efficiently handles and stores the data while managing and debugging app states. So, the tool should be planned properly to avoid issues.

Not Reading External Modules’ Codes 

React Native app developers use external modules to save time as they facilitate and expedite the development process, especially when they come with documentation. But sometimes, modules break, and things don’t work as predicted. That’s why developers should read the code before implementing it to know if something is wrong in the module and promptly resolve it. 

Leaving Console.Log Statements

Console log statements are quite handy and help in debugging the app execution. But they can cause a severe issue if developers leave the render methods and logics inside the application once they are done with debugging. Such a mistake can become a bottleneck in JavaScript thread and slow down the app loading speed.

Not Optimizing Images

Optimizing images in React Native apps should be a high priority task. It helps in resizing the images within the app and then uploading them to cloud storage through a server to get the CDN link, which can be returned using API.

Ignoring Project Structure

Project structuring plays a vital role in the entire React Native app development process. Experienced developers make this process easier by organizing projects, files, and folders. However, beginners don’t pay heed to organizing and structuring, which can later mess up things. So, it is essential to implement the best structuring practices to facilitate and speed up the development of React Native apps.

Final Words

These are some mistakes developers must avoid while creating a React Native app. It will not only save their time and effort but also helps in building a quick yet high-performance app. If you own a business and want to develop a futuristic app, approach a React Native app development company aware of these mistakes.





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