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8 Grocery Delivery App Features That Can’t Be Ignored

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With on-demand apps flooding the smartphones, shoppers have gradually gotten accustomed to shopping everything online, including food, medicine, cosmetics, and even grocery. Among all these segments, online grocery delivery remained underpenetrated for years. However, due to COVID-19 outspread, this segment became sought-after as people are reluctant to physically going to grocery stores. 

Since customers are now comfortable with shopping grocery online, retailers are going the extra mile to deliver them the best shopping experience by creating their own grocery delivery app.

If you’re also planning to hire iOS/Android app developers to build your app, here are a few grocery delivery app features that can make your customers less willing to go back to brick and mortar stores.

Features of a Grocery Delivery App

Seamless Registration

Registration is the first step users come across when they open an app. You can facilitate this process by allowing users to directly sign up using their phone number or social media profile on Google or Facebook. It will not only save their time but also eliminate the need for remembering the password of their account. Besides, you will also get their contact info easily using which you can stay engaged with them.

Smart Search

Suppose you have a wide range of products in your online grocery store, but customers cannot find the one they need from your inventory. In such a scenario, all of these products are worthless. Integrating smart search filters into your app can help them narrow their search and quickly find the required products. Moreover, you can provide a voice-enabled search option to allow users to find a specific product using voice commands. The more convenience you provide, the more they will love your app.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Order tracking feature works wonder when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction. It allows your customers to track the delivery agents’ real-time location once they pick up the order from your store. Besides, they also have an idea of the order arrival time, which boosts their trust in your app. 

Popular and Recommendation

Recommendations never go unnoticed as they reduce our effort. So, make sure to recommend products to users based on their search history and shopping behavior while they browse through your app products. You can also show them a list of popular products that most customers are purchasing. This feature may encourage them to buy products from the popular or recommended list, thus increasing your sales substantially.

Save For Later

Sometimes customers don’t need a product but save it for later purchase because they love it. Thus, a feature like “wishlist” or “save items” can help your customers to remember products they wish to purchase in the future. 

Special Discounts and Rewards

Discounts and rewards persuade customers to visit your app every time they look for groceries. So, integrate a loyalty program into your app to give customers points for actions like signing up and making a purchase. It will not only give them a reason to stick to your app but also encourage them to shop more frequently.

Push Notifications

Push notifications increase customer engagement and trigger app usage. Using this feature, you can notify your customers about the latest products, deals and discounts, saved products, and order status and thus stay on their minds. But make sure not to send too many notifications as it can annoy them.

Multiple Payment Options

Payment is the last step of the order placement process. Incorporating multiple payment gateways like Credit/Debit Card, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Online Banking, and Cash on Delivery (COD) into your grocery delivery app allow customers to pay via the mode of their choice. In case one method doesn’t work, they will choose another but never abandon the cart. Thus, this feature significantly impacts your sales and bottom line.

Final Words

To sum up, we would say that idea of launching a grocery delivery app is quite profitable considering all the circumstances. Integrating the above-mentioned features into your app will encourage existing customers to switch to your online store and also multiply your sales. Besides, you can expand your grocery business by leveraging your application.

If you think that these grocery delivery app features can really benefit your business, invest in our iOS/Android app development services. Our experts will leave no stone unturned to deliver you an app that everyone will love.





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