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A Comprehensive Guide on Building a Video Streaming App like Netflix

Video Streaming App like Netflix

Today, Netflix is attracting TV viewers across the globe. What’s the secret behind such momentum? Easy access to a host of TV programs, movies, original shows, and documentaries at multiple service packages. While people are getting addicted to its video streaming services, businesses are going the extra mile to create similar apps like Netflix with additional features that can beat the Netflix fever.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about Netflix:

  • Netflix’s audience generates 40% of internet traffic globally.
  • Netflix accounts for 8% of the time spent on binge-watching worldwide.
  • Streaming revenue of Netflix will be about $7215 in the US by the end of 2020.

Netflix Business Model

Netflix learns that its viewers possess multiple interconnected digital devices, and they may watch their favorite programs on any of them at any time. Moreover, for a family, it doesn’t make sense to have an individual subscription for each member. Provided that Netflix offers four subscription plans, each having its own offerings. These plans decide on which device users can watch videos and how many members can stream at a time under one subscription.

  • The mobile plan allows watching SD videos on a single mobile/tablet.
  • The basic plan allows watching SD videos on any one device simultaneously.
  • The standard plan allows watching HD videos on two devices simultaneously.
  • The premium plan allows watching HD videos on up to four screens simultaneously.

Netflix caters to three different business segments – domestic DVD, domestic streaming, and international streaming. Domestic DVD was the first model Netflix came up with and later moved on to video streaming gradually. Among these three models, domestic streaming generates the maximum video. However, this video streaming app has started focusing on the global market by producing and providing country-specific or area-specific content since 2018. The profitability of Netflix has been on a consistent rise since then.

Key Features of an Online Video Streaming App

Netflix, an on-demand video streaming app, has gained immense popularity due to its exceptional features. If you’re devising to create your app like Netflix, you must at least take these features into account. 

Setup Multiple Accounts: 

After creating an account, users can add up to five separate user profiles for each family member or friend. Thus, each profile can have its own favorite list, recently watched list, ratings, and show and movie suggestions personalized based upon earlier watched videos on Netflix. Also, note that if a user deletes a profile, his/her watching history and saved list will also be deleted permanently.

Multiple Control Levels:

Among Netflix content, there is the stuff that is a little unpleasant for kids. While setting up profiles, users can choose between four maturity levels – from kids to all. If this control is not enough for them, they can also create a PIN under the ‘Parental Controls’ section in Settings to not let kids switch their profile.

Content Search Filters:

A long list of movies and TV shows can be overwhelming. Netflix allows users to narrow their search using filters like title, actors, directors, or genres, and stumble upon the best content aligning to their preferences.

Adding Content to ‘My List’:

‘My List’ is one of the most useful sections of Netflix, where users can save their favorite content by just tapping on ‘plus(+)’ sign on each show or movie they want to watch later.

Content Ratings:

Netflix has gone far beyond the five-star rating system. This app allows users to thumbs-up or thumbs-down a movie or show, and Netflix will show less similar content to them accordingly.

Download Feature:

Sometimes, users stuck in a space where they can’t play videos online. This is why Netflix provides a feature to download a list of shows or movies (up to 100 at once) so that they can stream videos even if there is no signal. Besides, users can also save all of their data by enabling content download only when their device is connected to WiFi.

Netflix Roulette:

We often struggle to choose when we have too many options. Similarly, from the vast catalog of entertainment, most users spend more time deciding what to watch than actually watching something. Thus, Netflix brought forth a feature using which users can select a genre, type, IMDB, and then tap on the spin button to explore a list of random content that suits their preferences.

Turn Off Autoplay:

We all enjoy binge-watching, especially when Netflix actively encourages it. However, this video streaming app enables users to disable autoplay to prevent Netflix from automatically playing the next episode when they are streaming a TV show.

Delete Browsing History:

Sometimes, Netflix recommends stuff similar to videos that users have watched but not liked. Such suggestions based on ‘because you have watched..’ can be annoying for the users. So, Netflix has allowed them to delete those blights from their Netflix history to make their streaming experience smoother and more entertaining.

Tips for developing a video streaming app like Netflix

Here are some guidelines that you should consider during the Netflix clone app development.

  • The interface is the primary aspect that users come across. Make sure to keep it intuitive and engaging to behold.
  • Create a futuristic and future-proof app if you want to expand your user base to other nations, provide services in multiple languages, etc. down the road. It will eliminate the need for completely redesigning the app.
  • Allowing users to log in the app via multiple ways like email, Facebook, mobile number, etc. will add an extra layer of convenience.
  • The mobile application should operate seamlessly on multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • User data and payment gateway should be 200% secure.

Before developing a video streaming app, devise functionalities that will make it easier for the users to watch, save, and share their favorite movies or shows.

Factors that affect the video streaming app development cost

The cost of a video streaming app depends upon many aspects. Some of the most important are:

App Features: Above, we have explained the key features that you should incorporate into your app to penetrate the market. The development price of the app will vary depending on the number of features you want to add to your application.

App Platform: The technology that you employ to develop a Netflix clone app and then maintain it also determines its development cost. These technologies may include Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin Java, React Native, and more. You should choose the technology based on the problems you want to overcome and the goals you want to accomplish.

Location of development company: Most businesses outsource app development because it enables them to focus on their core idea and in-house operations. When you plan to outsource, make sure to take note of the location of the mobile app development company as it is a significant factor for cost estimation.

Different countries have different app development rates. For example, in North America, development rates range from $50 -$250 per hour, while app development services in India range from $15-$80 per hour.

If you hire Indian mobile app developers, you will get the same work done at much lower rates than that of the USA.

Other video streaming apps that are widely used globally are:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube
  • HBO Now
  • Hulu
  • Twitch
  • Crackle

Final Words

From the past years, people have been shifting from text-based content to audio and then video. Bloggers are also becoming vloggers to retain and increase their followers. With all this video content being created online, platforms or mobile apps are needed to boost the reach of this content.

Currently, there is a plethora of video streaming apps in the market, but none could surpass Netflix. If you think that your idea can help you outshine this video streaming market, approach the experts of a reliable mobile app development company.





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