UI/UX desing process

1. Research Makes Strong Foundation

Everybody at Beyond Root loves researching and that is our key to create stunning web and mobile solutions. Likewise, our design process begins with research about your business goals, specifications, the market of your niche, target audience, and your unique selling propositions.

2. Analysis For Better Understanding

To create an application that has a competitive edge, we must learn about the competitors first. The comparative analysis helps in laying out the latest trends and modern techniques that are specific to your niche. We further create workflows with specific user personas and their respective stories.

3. Mockups That Ensure Perfection

Rather than giving unpleasant surprises to our clients, we like to design mockups first that outline the information architecture. With our sketches and functional prototypes, we illustrate the functioning of your application. Once the client confirms, we proceed to the final designing.

4. Designing Your Dream App/Website

Approved prototypes are then converted into final designs with complete branding that uses all design elements associated with your solution. Our web and mobile designers bring your website/application to life which is then taken into development labs.

5. Final Checks For High Usability

Undoubtedly we keep testing your website/application at every stage. Once it goes live, we re-evaluate the entire design for optimal usability. For further improvements in design, we also collect user feedback, if the client permits.



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