Why to count on us?


You won’t have to worry.

Staying true to our commitments, we always ensure that the quality of your product is never at stake. Our experts strive to maintain integrity throughout the development and deployment process. We also provide documentation at every stage to keep you updated with our progression.


You won’t have to face hold-ups.

Rather than promising something that we can’t deliver, we provide feasible timelines for each deliverable. We realize your dependencies and thus, ensure on-time project deliveries.


Your bottom line is our bottom line.

To foster business growth, it is imperative to empower your customers/clients and this is exactly where we excel. At every development stage, we swap places to meticulously comprehend the client’s ideas and shaping them into a reliable, scalable, bug-free and feature-rich solution.

Our Story

At the root of each business, there is an idea that adds value to the world. The blend of the right technology and competent skills can enable any business to hold its ground and grow beyond roots.

Beyond Root was founded by two technology enthusiasts in 2015 to empower all sized businesses with digital transformation and make them disruption-proof. The company started with a vision to enable organizations to overcome industry-specific challenges with the help of tailor-made IT solutions. Ever since its inception, Beyond Root has transformed numerous businesses, across industries and geographies, by presenting innovative yet simplified tech solutions.

How We Help Startups

Beyond Root nurtures your idea with technology and helps you streamline your business at its nascent stage.

We understand the intricacies that startups have to encounter while selecting the perfect technology ally for their business establishment. Our experts leverage their profound experience to guide them lay the right foundation, choose appropriate business platforms, and build a concrete business strategy. We assist startups across all industries to adopt technology automation methods and drive their business growth with optimized costs and maximized profits. We have supported a host of startups to turn into stalwarts with our tech solutions. There’s nothing that brings us more joy than becoming a part of our clients’ success stories.

How We Help Enterprises

Expand your business to new horizons with consumption-based IT solutions from Beyond Root.

Beyond Root helps enterprises expand their reach across new geographies and tap a wider target audience. We partner with enterprises of various domains to analyze business models and recognize new opportunities that can be capitalized with our customized solutions. For a sustainable business, every organization requires to understand its customers. Beyond Root’s solutions are developed with business intelligence tools that help enterprises make better decisions while understanding the changing needs and preferences of the customers.

What we do

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Web Development

We exploit the latest web development technologies to create websites and web portals that help businesses to interact with customers, boost sales, enhance digital experience, and streamline their operations.

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Mobile App Development

Our mobile app solutions propel the growth of new and traditional businesses by diminishing the operational costs, expanding the user base and enhancing the users’ experience.

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Internet Of Things

Beyond Root develops smart applications for various industries including fitness, healthcare, tourism, that operate on smart gadgets and devices with the help of sensors.

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E-commerce Solution

We build versatile e-commerce solutions reinforced with robust backends, engaging interfaces, and seamless integrations.

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Single Page Apps

Our SPAs respond to the users’ navigations dynamically, thus improving the speed and overall performance of the application.

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Hybrid Mobile Apps

Penetrate and disrupt the market with our cost-effective hybrid applications that are built using the latest technologies and tools.


Sanjeev and his team do great work fast at a very reasonable price.

Sanjeev and team are very skilled and respond to instructions well. We had many very productive development cycles.

I am very happy with their services. My application and website works as expected. I will hire them for any future projects.

Excellent resources. Understand the requirements and execute them professionally.

Beyond Root team is an incredible asset to any coding team. Vast knowledge in many areas. I had them on a React Native project and they actually solved something that 3 other top coders couldn’t. I noticed their speed and level of work was significantly more than expected. Incredibly valuable to my team. Will continue to work with Sanjeev as long as he is available. Thanks a lot Sanjeev!

Beyond Root Team has very good design sense and capable to do whatever you need. In all my projects, UI/UX remained on track from beginning to end with a thorough and structured approach.

Wonderful developer, of all 20 or something Teams i have worked with Sanjeev is the best programmer and manager. His team is on par with others, but Sanjeev is the best. Manages his team well and also comes from a well-taught CS and Programming background complete with code refactoring, async, redux, redux form, etc. Nothing he can’t learn. Although sometimes it takes him a while to onboard with new APIs he’s unfamiliar with. HIGHLY REOMMMENDED

Professionalism, great support and give solution for any issues, we are so happy with this project development, and we will work again and we recommend them.




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