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We uphold our commitments, safeguarding the quality of your product at every step. Our experts maintain unwavering integrity throughout development and deployment, ensuring consistent standards.


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We pledge achievable timelines, prioritizing your needs for consistent on-time project completions.


Aligned Goals

Your success is our priority. We excel in empowering your customers, immersing ourselves in each development stage to shape your ideas into a reliable, scalable, bug-free, and feature-rich solution.

Our Story

Behind every business lies a world-changing idea. Pairing precise technology with adept skills isn't just about standing ground—it's the catalyst for exponential growth beyond boundaries.

Beyond Root emerged in 2015, born from the synergy of tech-savvy minds and a vision to future-proof businesses against disruptions. Focusing on custom IT solutions to overcome industry-specific hurdles, Beyond Root has consistently reshaped businesses globally. Their commitment lies in delivering innovative and refined technological advancements, fostering resilience and growth for organizations.

Fueling Startups

Empowering startups is our forte.

Step into a world where startups thrive and conquer. We're the architects of tech triumphs, guiding businesses through the digital wilderness to build empires. Our secret? Unraveling complexities, crafting strategies that defy limits, and turning startups into legends. Join us at the frontier of innovation, where success stories are written, and businesses transcend expectations.

Unveiling Possibilities

Our Impact on Enterprises

Beyond Root supports enterprises in broadening their presence across diverse geographies and accessing a larger target demographic. Collaborating with enterprises spanning various industries, we meticulously analyze their business frameworks to identify untapped prospects that our tailored solutions can leverage. Customer comprehension is vital for sustainable business operations. Hence, our solutions, crafted with cutting-edge business intelligence tools, empower enterprises to enhance decision-making processes and adeptly adapt to evolving customer preferences and demands.

What we do

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Web Development

We efficiently engineer websites and web portals using the latest web technologies. These platforms are designed to engage customers, boost sales, elevate digital experiences, and optimize productivity.

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Mobile App Development

Our mobile app solutions are the driving force behind the evolution of businesses, both emerging and established. They effectively cut operational costs, broaden user bases, and enrich overall user experiences.

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Internet Of Things

Beyond Root spearheads intelligent applications across a variety of industries. These applications operate on smart devices and gadgets, empowered by sensor technology, to provide smart and simple solutions.

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E-commerce Solution

We engineer adaptable e-commerce solutions backed by strong backends, appealing interfaces, and smooth connections, resulting in unrivaled performance.

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Single Page Apps

Our Single Page Applications dynamically respond to user navigations, optimizing application speed and overall performance for enhanced user experiences.

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Hybrid Mobile Apps

Disrupt the market with our cost-effective hybrid applications, meticulously crafted using the latest tools and technologies for maximum impact and reach.


Sanjeev and his team do great work fast at a very reasonable price.

Sanjeev and team are very skilled and respond to instructions well. We had many very productive development cycles.

I am very happy with their services. My application and website works as expected. I will hire them for any future projects.

Excellent resources. Understand the requirements and execute them professionally.

Beyond Root team is an incredible asset to any coding team. Vast knowledge in many areas. I had them on a React Native project and they actually solved something that 3 other top coders couldn’t. I noticed their speed and level of work was significantly more than expected. Incredibly valuable to my team. Will continue to work with Sanjeev as long as he is available. Thanks a lot Sanjeev!

Beyond Root Team has very good design sense and capable to do whatever you need. In all my projects, UI/UX remained on track from beginning to end with a thorough and structured approach.

Wonderful developer, of all 20 or something Teams i have worked with Sanjeev is the best programmer and manager. His team is on par with others, but Sanjeev is the best. Manages his team well and also comes from a well-taught CS and Programming background complete with code refactoring, async, redux, redux form, etc. Nothing he can’t learn. Although sometimes it takes him a while to onboard with new APIs he’s unfamiliar with. HIGHLY REOMMMENDED

Professionalism, great support and give solution for any issues, we are so happy with this project development, and we will work again and we recommend them.




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