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7 Unique Features of a News App You Must Know

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People love to read new things – be it a geopolitical situation or technology updates. But in this fast-paced world, who has got time to stay updated with the latest news? This is where the demand for news app comes into view.

News apps offer easy access to every kind of information. Instead of buying a newspaper and adding to the clutter in your bag or on your office desk, it is way easier to open a news app in your smartphone and scroll news on the screen. Besides, news apps save trees.

For businesses that publish news, the benefits of a mobile application are enormous. Adapting a mobile-driven approach considerably enhances your audience reach, especially the younger generation. Besides, news apps also make older people more mobile-centered. The larger the audience base, the more the revenue.

So, if you want to fuel your business with a news app, investing in iOS/Android app development services would be the best idea.

But before embarking on an app development journey, let’s explore a few features that can make your news application stand out.

Convenient News Viewing

A news app allows users to read location-based news. For instance, a user from the USA would get news updates related to the people living there. Additionally, people who don’t have time to read detailed articles can browse over the headlines to stay abreast of the happenings around the world. If they find a headline matching their interest, they can read the whole article in depth. You can also add images, GIFs, or videos to make articles more interesting and appealing.

Breaking news

Plenty of historical and political events take place across the globe daily. It is a known fact that some news is more vital than others. Users should be able to distinguish such essential information.

This is why a news app pins breaking news at the top of other news. You can also send push notifications to inform them about the breaking and latest news using your app. Besides, you can display these notifications on the lock screen of their mobile devices to improve their experience.

Smart View

Most news apps work online, and articles can only be viewed if the device has internet connectivity. However, with the SmartView feature, you can allow your users to consume news offline without any hassle. This feature was built into the news API for Japanese users commuting in the Tokyo subway. In this feature, the web view is removed, which reduces data consumption.


Using this feature, users can browse news through various categories such as Top, Tech, Sport, Science, Social, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and more. Since each user has unique interests, an AI-based news app provides them with an option to tap and remove a category they’re not interested in.

Discover and Add Channels

The users can customize their newsfeed by searching the name of publishers and news channels they want to follow. After discovering, they can add channels that publish news articles related to their interest. Integrating this feature will make your news app a notch better than your competitors.

Share and Report

It is our tendency to share stuff we find interesting or useful with our mates. Allowing users to share articles via platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. will help you improve your app installation rate through word-of-mouth. Additionally, they can also report their concerns over any news or articles they find inappropriate.

For Publishers

While devising a news app, make sure that even news publishers yield the benefits of your app because they will contribute a lot to its success. The add channel feature we discussed above will help these publishers to gain more viewers, make an identity, and make earnings.

The advertisements in the news articles generate revenue for the publishers. Some news apps charge a small commission fee for this. However, being a newbie in the market, you’re advised not to deduct even a penny from their earnings.

Final Words

News apps provide every kind of information in real-time, which spreads globally at a lightning-fast speed. This is why the popularity and demand for these apps are soaring with each passing day.

If you’re looking forward to developing a news app for your business growth, take the above-mentioned features into account. They will help you to make a statement in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

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