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9 Features That Can Make Your Fitness Application Stand Out

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A few years back, fitness became a religion for people across the globe. They got ample tech innovations, including fitness tracking apps and other mobility solutions in no time. The majority of them use apps to live a healthier life, shed their weight, and get a wedding-ready body and that too, without spending hefty amounts for getting gym memberships.

Health and fitness apps have gained high momentum in the past years. It has been anticipated that the sports and fitness apps market will exhibit a tremendous CAGR of 20.4% from 2019-2027. Besides, the advent of wearables like fitness bands is also encouraging users to use these apps and make their lives healthier. This, as a result, has fostered the demand for fitness apps globally.

If you belong to the fitness sector, this is the best time for you to invest in fitness app development, and leverage its enormous benefits. But before embarking on your app development journey, you must be familiar with the key features that can help your app to stand out of the competition. In this article, we have discussed a few of them.

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Features you must integrate into your fitness application

There are various types of fitness apps, including weight loss apps, on-demand personal trainer apps, nutrition, and diet apps, and exercising and workout apps, and more. To decide the features, you must first determine the type of fitness app that suits your business. However, we have shed light on the basic features that can be incorporated into all kinds of fitness apps.

Seamless Profile Creation

Personal account creation is the first feature to consider in a fitness app. Facilitate the account creation process by allowing users to feed their personal information, select all the facilities they want, and track their fitness journey. Besides, letting them sign up not only via email but also through social media accounts will save their time and ease the registration process. And if you develop a fitness app with subscription plans, providing facility to store billing information to make payments will improve their experience.

Social Media Sharing

We are living in the era of social media where everyone wants to share their achievements on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. So, adding social media sharing features to your fitness app should also be on your checklist. It will allow users to not only share their goals and achievements with their online family but also spread a word about your app. Thus, people in their social media networks will get familiar with your applications leading to cost-effective brand awareness as well as marketing.

Personalization/Setting Targets

Every user has a unique body structure, needs, and goals. Providing them with the same fitness course won’t be a good idea. So, it is essential to give personalized services to them and make them feel valued.

Allow them to set their own targets, decide which exercise or activity they want to perform, what supplements they need to intake, and more. With these personalized features, users will tend to be more consistent and stay committed to your application.


Like music in the gym adds more fun to workout, you can easily add fun elements to your app processing, leveraging the concept of gamification. By integrating different aspects such as Rewards, Badges, Progress Bar, and Leaderboards, you can make your app more engaging and improve user acquisition as well as retention rate.

Audio/Video Guide

Enhance the workout experience of users with an audio or video guide. This guide will serve as an instructor and help your users to learn the right technique to exercise. It will mitigate the injury risk due to wrong postures and encourage them to complete their workout without leaving a single exercise.

Geolocation and Wearable Integration

Geolocation and wearable are two prerequisites for developing an outdoor fitness application. Geolocation functionality will help users to know the exact path and minimal time required to go through the track. They can also track activities like the number of steps taken, swimming, cycling, etc. if you integrate these technologies into your app.

Besides, connecting your app to wearables like bracelets and smartwatches will allow your app to monitor users’ heartbeat rate, steps, pulse rate in real-time, and provide valuable advice or information using these insights.

Tip: There are various public APIs and developer’s kit for incorporating wearable into a fitness app like Garmin Wellness, Misfit, and Pebble. You partnered React Native app development company can help you determine which one is apt for your fitness application.

Activity Log

Enabling users to record their daily activity is an essential feature of a fitness application. The recorded stats will inform your users how much calories they have burnt and how long it will take them to achieve their goals. It will also motivate them to be more dedicated to workout.

Push Notifications

A missed workout can break the users’ routine as well as their interaction with your app. So, adding a push notification system to your app can encourage them to exercise and use your app regularly. Additionally, it can give you an extensive understanding of user behavior using which you can deliver a better experience to them. But make sure not to send too many notifications to your users. It may annoy them, and once a frustrated user left the app, he/she will never come back.

Multi-device Synchronization

Like Fitbit, you can also integrate multi-device synchronization into your app. This feature will be highly appreciated when the users won’t have a synchronized fitness tracker but still want to workout. Allowing them to sync another device will make it easier for them to workout and yield the benefits of your app.

Final Words

Embedding the above-mentioned features into your fitness application will not only help you to stand out but also unleash new revenue opportunities. So, take no time to devise and invest in the development process.

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