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A Comprehensive Guide on Hiring a React Native App Development Company

React Native App Development Company

React Native is a powerful tool to create high-performance, budget-friendly apps that are easy to maintain and update. If you are considering React Native as the core technology for your project and seeking a reliable React Native app development company, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss hard skills to look for in React Native app developers and all other essential factors to consider before hiring a whole development team.

So let’s dive in…

Hard Skills a React Native App Developer Should Have

Before hiring a React Native app development company, you can segment their developers into three categories – junior, middle, senior – based on their skills, experience, and knowledge.

Let’s explore the knowledge of junior, middle, and senior-level React Native app developers to understand which category is the perfect fit for your project.

Junior-Level React Native Developers

Junior developers have 0-6 months of experience, who are usually recent graduates or have switched their roles. They should be able to:

Write JavaSript Code – Since React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework, a junior developer should have expertise in writing code using JavaScript ES6 or later, including all its features as well as enhancements.

Work with React Native – A junior developer should be well-versed in React Native frameworks and its components, libraries, and API. They should also know basic React assumptions.

Implement Navigation – They should know the main types of navigation, such as push and modal, within an application, and how to implement them.

Work with Redux – Redux is an open-source library that facilitates managing states share across components and developing predicable apps that can operate in different environments. This is the most convenient and robust tool to manage states, and junior React Native app developers should know how to use it.

Perform Testing and Debugging – They should have a basic understanding of testing and debugging principles as well as tools.

Though junior React Native app developers don’t have work experience, they must have some pet projects where they have practiced the skills mentioned above.

Middle-Level React Native App Developers

Middle-level specialists have at least two years of experience and a record of working on several different projects. Besides, they have problem-solving skills, can work independently, and take accountability for their work. They should be able to:

Improve App Performance – They should have hands-on knowledge of techniques to optimize the performance of various types of React Native apps.

Incorporate Hardware Features – Middle-level developers should know how to integrate hardware features like camera, microphone, and GPS sensors into the app, and overcome all the challenges that may occur during the process.

Integrate with Third-Party Services – Middle-level React Native app developers should know the ins and outs of integrating third-party services like social media platforms and payment gateways, and how to work with their APIs to extend the functionalities of applications.

Sign and Deploy Apps – Middle React Native app development specialists should understand the flow of signing an app, how to get all the required components for this task, and how to deploy an application on Google Play and App Store.

Store Data and Cache Offline – They should be familiar with various kinds of React Native app development databases and libraries. Besides, they should understand all the nuances of offline data caching and decide when to use ready-made code and when to create caching logic from scratch.

Middle-level React Native app developers of a company are independent and need less supervision. They can generate ideas on how to resolve an issue, but can’t make critical decisions about an app.

Senior-Level React Native App Developers

Senior developers have at least three years of experience in developing and launching various React Native apps. Within this period, they already have trained newcomers and managed teams. So, they should be able to:

Port Native Apps – To successfully convert native apps into React Native, developers must have knowledge of programming languages used for native app development such as Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C.

Integrate Native Libraries – They should have hands-on experience in integrating native libraries and frameworks into React Native apps to develop comprehensive solutions.

Set-Up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) – CI/CD tools improve code quality, allow developers to identify and fix bugs quickly, and enhance transparency as well as visibility of the development process. So, senior developers should know how to set up the CI and CD.

Build an Effective Workflow – Senior React Native app developers should know the difference between various app development techniques, choose the best one for a particular project, and support the team with the transition to a new or more effective workflow if required.

Contribute to Deciding Architectural Solutions – Senior developers are responsible for the app’s architecture as it is one of the most important decisions for an app development project. They should participate in research and share ideas regarding the architecture of the app before its development.

To summarize, the ideal developers are those who have all the skills required for your project. So, counting on a React Native app development company is the best way out. They provide you with a cross-functional team of experienced developers, designers, strategists, consultants, and managers who steer your app development journey right from ideation to deployment.

Factors to Consider while Hiring a React Native App Development Company

Hard skills or experience is just the tip of an iceberg. It would help if you consider various other factors to find a suitable React Native app development company for your project, which are:

Soft Skills – Soft skills describe the team’s personality or behavior and are as important as hard skills for the success of a project. Your React Native app development team should have skills like curiosity, helpfulness, problem-solving, teamwork, approachability, communication, and accountability. It helps you to work and communicate with them without any friction.

Cultural Fit – Finding a team that is a cultural fit for your company is equivalent to finding like-minded people who want to add value to your business. For a long-term project, cultural fit matters more than hard skills and experience. It improves engagement, performance, cohesion, and productivity, strengthening relationships with your outsourced React Native app development company.

Portfolio and Feedback – A portfolio reflects the experience and capabilities of the company. If they already have worked with global clients and delivered high-profile projects, you can rely on them. Don’t forget to verify if they have knowledge of the latest React-based libraries and tools.

Besides, you can ask the company for the references of their existing clients. If possible, try to find feedback from their previous or current clients. A good understanding of their capabilities helps you to partner with the best React Native app development company.

Financial Stability – Once you’re satisfied with their technical and other capabilities, analyze their financial strength if you’re investing in a big project. Poor financial stability of a React Native app development company may jeopardize your project.

Also, explore the company’s website as well as fetch and validate information gathered from all secondary sources. This is a crucial step to hire a reliable app development team.

Final Words

Finding and hiring the best React Native app development company can be a challenging task. We hope this guide lessens your difficulties and helps you find the right team that can deliver you a high-performance app aligning to your business goals.





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