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How an Android Instant App Can Improve your User Base

Android App Developers

Every time you roll out an Android app, you have a rough idea of what it can bring to the table or yield you. These goals could be generating a certain amount of ad revenue in a year or getting high ratings on Google Play. Whatever else you want to achieve, reaching out to as many users as possible is always one of your main goals. And luckily, an Android instant app is the feature that can facilitate meeting this goal.

What is an Instant app?

An Instant app allows users who never installed your app, to test out a portion of your app without installing it on a device. It helps you to reach out to the many users and increase your app installation rate.

Necessarily, leveraging this innovation, you can separate each of your app’s features in a stand-alone module. Users can quickly load these modules by tapping on the URLs that redirect to a specific module.

Let’s take an example to understand this technology in a better manner.

Imagine a friend sends you a link to a cat video, but when you tap on it, you learn that you have to install the application to watch this video. Though you install the app not to miss out watching the best cat video, it is bad scenario users are reluctant to experience. However, most of us have installed an app just to complete a single task.

Now again, imagine the cat video scenario. However, your Android app developers place the code and resource to play video content within its own instant app function module and assign this module to a specific URL. And when you tap on the link, Google Play will identify that this URL is linked with an instant app module and retrieve the code and resources required to play this video. Consequently, you can watch this trending cat video of 20 seconds without installing the app, which also leads to a much better user experience.

Benefits of an Android Instant App

Removes Barrier Between Your App and Users

Though downloading an app isn’t a time-consuming task, it is still the biggest obstacle between your app and potential users. No matter how compelling your Google Play page is, some users always back out right before installing the app. However, an instant app overcomes this obstacle by giving them a preview of what they will get after app installation.

Enhances Opportunities to Connect with New Users

Previously, in order to connect with new users, you have to bring them to Google Play through a website, blogs, or social media platforms. However, instant apps eliminate this reliance on Google Play by allowing users to access your app from any medium that supports URLs, providing you abundant avenues to reach new users.

Ensures Referrals are the Best Compliment

A user sharing your application among friends and family is the best compliment for your app. The word-of-mouth marketing helps you to reach a new audience, so make sure to create an excellent first impression. Earlier, providing a consistent experience to users who haven’t installed your app used to be difficult, but now you can provide a seamless, native experience with instant apps to users and encourage them to spread a word about your brand.

Provides App’s Access Even if Users Have Slow Internet

With weak internet connectivity, installing an app can be tedious and frustrating. However, instant app modules are way smaller and consume only 4MB or fewer data to access them. If app installation is not possible, accessing an instant app module is still a viable option.

Increases the Appeal of Time-Sensitive Apps

An application designed for a specific event or location isn’t a new kid on the block. Most people are reluctant to install an app that they can use for a limited period or in a certain location. However, an instant app can increase the appeal of these apps by enabling users to access the key features of your application at the tap of a URL.

Final Words

An instant app can help you to reach more users to try your app and expand your user base. Developing and offering an instant app to your target market gives you the best of both worlds – your users and business. Besides, they are comparatively easier to build. Android app developers can create an instant app right from scratch or transform an existing app using Android Studio.

If you want to develop an instant app and unleash new opportunities to connect with new users, we suggest you invest in Android app development services of Beyond Root.





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