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How much does it Cost to Develop a React Native Application?

React Native App Developers

It is not so long ago when appreneurs shifted their interests from developing native apps to cross-platform apps. React Native, the earliest hybrid app framework brought forth this app development methodology in the market. And now, this framework and approach have gained immense popularity among app developers and businesses all over the globe.

Both startups and established companies know why React Native app development is a smart choice for their business. So, they are showing a strong desire to figure out the cost to develop a React Native application and embrace this cost-effective approach.

Now, let’s cut the crap and take a deep dive into how to determine the app development cost.

React Native app development cost – The Contributing Elements

React Native app developers believe that the cost required to develop an application depends upon a number of factors. Below, we have explained all the elements you must take into account to decide the React Native app development cost.

App’s Complexity

Every application available in the stores can be segmented into three categories – Low Complexity, Medium Complexity, and High Complexity. This segmentation depends upon below-written factors:

Admin Panel – The admin panel is the backbone of every application as it helps businesses keep track of their activities, view stats, and update content without the need for React Native app developers. The more features you add in your admin panel, the more will be the app’s complexity.

Backend – You can develop the app backend in two ways i.e., Custom or Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). In the custom option, you will get your own mobile app architecture, while in the case of BaaS, you work around a readymade backend architecture.

In-App Purchase – Though most apps, launched in the market, have in-app purchase functionality, this feature is hard to integrate. Also, the number of in-app purchase options is in direct proportion to the complexity of your React Native app.

Third-Party Integration – In order to be more user friendly, your app requires to integrate with other app’s functionality to facilitate login or payments. These integrations are slightly more complicated in a React Native app as compared to other native apps.

Integration with Enterprise/Legacy Systems – Sometimes, the React Native app has to be connected with in-house legacy systems such as enterprise apps. This kind of project automatically falls under the scale of medium to high complexity.

User Authorization

If you’re devising to create a React Native app that requires user login or authorization, the cost would be a bit more than the app that doesn’t require role-based authorization checks.

App Category

The app category can be determined by various elements like functionality set, security considerations, real-time user count, and more. These intricacies significantly affect the cost of developing a React Native app. For instance, a standalone app, such as a calculator, will cost far less than that of a feature-packed on-demand app.

App Design

A well-devised design can boost your in-app user engagement. An app that has an efficient user flow, smooth transitions to move from one screen to another, and well-timed animation will help you to improve your user base. But designing intuitive screens and experience comes with a huge cost.

However, the good news is that the designing cost of a React Native app is much lower than a Native app. The best of all is that only one app needs to be designed in the case of React Native app development.

App Maintenance

To live up to users’ expectations and enhance user retention as well as engagement, you will have to update your app regularly. According to our React Native app development company, app maintenance has three different processes:

  • App Updates
  • Design Changes
  • App bug fixes

The app maintenance cost is estimated yearly as 20% of the entire React Native app development cost.

Developer’s Experience

The experience is one of the most significant aspects to evaluate the cost to develop an application. If you want to hire React Native app developers having profound experience, you have to invest a hefty amount in your project.

However, if you approach less experienced developers, you can build your app at a low cost. But we are worried whether an inexperienced developer knows the best practices that impact or improve the React Native app performance. So, the experience is a crucial price altering factor.

Team Size

The cost of building an app varies according to the size of the development team. When you hire React Native app developers, you have three options:

  • You can hire freelancers
  • You can collaborate with a mid-cap company
  • You can collaborate with a high-cap company

Basically, hiring freelancers to develop your application is the most cost-effective option. But, it is not a good idea when it comes to quality. On the contrary, if you partner with a high-cap company, their base price would be very high as they have set standards in the market.

This is why you must tap into a mid-cap company whose hourly base price starts at $20-$40. These companies are more open to execute innovative app ideas because they strive to drive their growth by delivering state-of-the-art projects.

Company’s Location

The location of your outsourced React Native app development company plays a vital role in determining the cost to create an app. Different countries have different app development rates. For instance, a company in North America or Australia would charge a lot higher than that of an Eastern or Indian company.

Moreover, if you hire developers from India, you will get the same work done at a much lower rate as compared to a US company.

Final Words

So, this is all about the factors that can help you in deciding the React Native app development cost. Each one of these factors collectively answers to how much does it cost to develop a React Native application.

Now, we would say that if a native app development costs around $30k-$50k, building the same app with React Native will reduce the cost by up to 30-40%.

So, if you want to create a high-performance app within a minimal cost and budget, partner with our React Native app development company.





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