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Key Features of a Music Streaming App You Must Consider

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Music is a way to soothe emotions through lyrics or melodies. Whether it is a gloomy day or a house party, a single song is enough to change the mood and make the day more relaxing or energetic. The way it connects with our soul, it is no surprise why music streaming apps are gaining popularity globally.

Now that’s one of the main reasons why business-minded people are investing in music streaming app development. They are envisioning the opportunities they can unlock by launching a music app. So, most businesses hire React Native app developers to create a high-performance application and step in the market quickly.

If you’re also devising to embark on a music streaming app development journey, here is a list of few features you must consider to make your app stand out.

Features of a Music Streaming Application

Discover Favorite Track Easily

Allowing users to discover music by category is the first and foremost feature to take into account. It must be easier for users to find their favorite songs by artist, album, or genre, from all-time hits to the latest and trending tracks. Also, providing users with music recommendations based on their music tastes will give them a reason to choose your app over other music applications.

Personalized Playlist

Another feature to consider while building a music application is a personalized playlist where users can include their favorite songs. In fact, they can create different playlists for different moods like driving, working, boozing, reading, and more. Besides, you can suggest users with fan-chart playlist, top-chart playlist, and new releases so that they can binge-listen to them with a single click on the list.

Give Access to Online and Offline Songs

Providing instant access to millions of songs and tracks that users can listen online as well as offline can help your app gain massive traction. For online mode, users need to have a stable internet connection. However, to listen to offline music, they can download their favorite songs with a single tap and access them anytime. This feature is also useful in low network areas.

Social Media Integration

Since a lot of users love to share their favorite songs or the latest tracks with their friends or family, it is imperative to add social media sharing feature to your app. With this feature, users will not only share music via Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. but also create a positive vibe for your brand. This, in turn, will give positive exposure to your brand and improve your brand recognition.

Live Streaming

Live streaming can help your music app stand out from the competition. Through proper channels, music lovers can stream live concerts and events of various artists. Thus, you can keep up with their interests and boost their happiness.

Updates and Notifications

Keeping users updated with the new release and nearby music events through push notifications or alerts will enhance their reliance on your application. It will also provide you a direct line of communication with your customers.


Besides in-app advertisements, the subscription is another way to improve revenue with your music streaming application. You can provide users with free access to music with ads at regular intervals. However, with a subscription, users will be able to enjoy ad-free music and access premium audio content.

Final Words

To wrap up, we would say that the idea of developing a music streaming application is indeed profitable. Integrating the above mentioned features into your application will not only help you unlock new revenue opportunities but also shine in the market. You just have to collaborate with an experienced React Native app development company to instantly create an app music lovers would love across the globe.





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