A Survival Guide for Businesses While Combating Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc in global industries. Tech companies with direct exposure to China were the earliest to take a hit due to its continuous spread. Apple, for instance, which depends heavily on Chinese manufacturers for iPhone production, stated that the coronavirus outbreak would hamper the iPhone supply temporarily. 

While established companies are prepared to face the financial impacts of coronavirus, businesses planning to develop a mobile app are encountering floods of challenges. It is being said that the virus may affect their entire year’s valuation and performance. Thus, to overcome these challenges and survive in this critical situation, we suggest you outsource your mobile app development to a reliable company. Doing so will help you to not only cut high costs but also create new revenue opportunities while combating coronavirus. Research has shown that the small companies that outsource grow faster, larger, and more profitably.

Let’s explore some key reasons why you should count on outsourcing to save your business from the bane of Coronavirus.

Lowers Cost – 

Cost-cutting may not be the only reason to outsource, but it is undoubtedly a significant factor for every business. Outsourcing eliminates the need for hiring and maintaining an entire unit of app developers, designers, testers, etc. and paying them hefty salaries. It also gives you access to an experienced app development team at a fraction of the cost you would spend on hiring in-house staff. Besides, you can save the extra cost you may have to spend on infrastructural requirements like furniture, computers, mobile devices, and more. Thus, you will be able to cut massive costs and get your app developed quickly by outsourcing.

Additionally, turning to an app development company belonging to a developing country instead of a developed nation will be an additional benefit, as they have a vast difference in the wage patterns. The kind of application you will get from a western country at a very high cost can be obtained at a way lower price from a developing nation like India. The difference varies by up to 60%.

Saves Time – 

Time efficiency plays a significant role in the success of every business. Most startups and organizations count on outsourcing mobile app projects as it can expedite the app development process to a great extent, owing to the rich experience of the companies. To survive in this critical situation and thrive in the high-tech world, you must also launch your application and penetrate the market rapidly. This is why every outsourcing app development company strives to deliver efficient and quick products to help you bring your app in the market and raise revenue to survive in this critical situation.

Ensures Profound Experience –

The ultimate goal of launching a mobile app is to improve the end-user experience as well as the bottom line. By outsourcing, you can collaborate with the company having rich experience in building apps for multiple platforms. Every established mobile app development company employs developers having a great deal of knowledge of iOS, Android, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Ionic, JavaScript, and more. Besides, they stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to create products that can leave a mark in the market. Thus, outsourcing is the best approach to developing a high-performance mobile aligning to your requirements. 

Provides Ongoing Support –

Bringing your business online is not just a matter of mobile app development. It also entails regular updating of the applications, as well as cloud hosting, security, and analytics. An outsourced mobile app development company can easily manage the whole process, right from ideation and conceptualization to development, deployment, and ongoing support. Since costs are fixed for these services, there won’t be sudden expenditures, and you will be assured that your application is in safe and experienced hands. 

Follows an Agile Methodology –

Most mobile app development companies follow an iterative and agile approach to deliver perfection through multiple revisions. The agile methodology not only saves time but also improves the application until excellence is achieved. Being a client, you can always ask for changes and optimize your app according to your goals and ideas. A company having an agile mindset would always go the extra mile to perfect your app and live up to your expectations.

Final Words

Since the spread of coronavirus is a matter of grave concern for businesses, it is vital to take quick and necessary measures to protect your business from this disaster. With outsourcing, you can create a cost-effective application and save a hefty amount that you can leverage to stay in the market and rise gradually. In brief, outsourcing mobile app development can be the sure-fire way for your business to avoid large expenditures and survive the resistance of the destructive waves caused by a coronavirus.

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Unlock The Potential Of Healthcare Industry With Technology

In the past few decades, technology has contributed significantly to saving countless lives and also enhanced the overall quality of human life. Along with the improvement of the experience of the patients, the IoT mobile application development in the healthcare industry has had a great impact on medical institutes including healthcare professionals. It has rather become more powerful with the implementation of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. 

The constant evolution of the IoT mobile app technology landscape has opened new and innovative healthcare opportunities. While healthcare takes full control of its technology-enabled wings, let us explore how technology implementation has helped in creating intelligent and efficient healthcare solutions. 

Virtual Healthcare

The virtual world has taken over the real world and it is the same in the case of healthcare. When common people started socializing in the virtual space over social platforms, healthcare and technology experts developed a virtual healthcare space where patients and doctors could connect with each other. Healthcare mobile applications served as a common interface where patients could book medical appointments and connect with doctors through video conferencing. With the use of wearable technology, patients are able to monitor their health attributes efficiently which they can later share with their physicians for diagnosis and treatment. 

Virtual healthcare has also implemented geofencing that helps patients look for nearby hospitals, clinics, and doctors for emergency health situations. Technology-driven healthcare has proven to increase patient satisfaction by 70% as they believe they were able to build a better and trustworthy relationship with their healthcare service provider. 

Electronic Health Records

Anybody who relies on paper records is either tech-handicapped or is old school to cling to the traditional and tedious methods of maintaining paper records. When the healthcare industry was introduced to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), there was a complete transformation of health record management methods and operations. 

Healthcare professionals including nurses, technicians, medical assistants, etc. can easily input patient details like important symptoms, weight, height, test results, medical history, etc. The centralized and digitized system can be accessed by other healthcare professionals for references. These systems further streamline administrative operations such as appointment scheduling, patient record modification with diagnostic codes, and eventually submission of medical claims. 


The market for worldwide nanomedicine is projected to reach $350 billion by 2050. Aimed at the prevention and treatment of several diseases, nanomedicine utilizes nanotechnology that is comparatively precise in targeting and delivery systems which enables healthcare professionals to find out a treatment for life-threatening diseases like Cancer. 

3D Printing

3D Printing is not an alien term anymore as it has been extensively adopted by the healthcare service providers on a large scale. With the use of this advanced technology, we can create faster prototypes that are personalized at a minimal cost. 

This section of technology has revolutionized organ transplant surgeries as well as tissue repairs along with its amazing real skin production for burn victims. 

Big Data and Cloud Healthcare 

The Healthcare sector generates infinite information with every passing moment. This data, when collected, helps healthcare providers analyze significant factors and patterns which further help in the improvement of services and optimizing the costs. Further analysis of healthcare information can also help reduce healthcare wastage and improve efficiency as well as the quality of medical care. Analytics can also help in epidemics prediction which can be utilized further in the development of new medicinal drugs.  

The digitalization of health records generated a huge amount of data that required scalable, secure, and cost-effective storage solutions. Thus, cloud storage solutions were integrated into the healthcare landscape. With cloud being implemented in healthcare, data management became utterly simple and easy. Health organizations could maintain health records within their own organization as well as to collaborate with other teams working with distinct health organizations. 

VR Healthcare Services 

Virtual Reality has been popularly known for its implementation in the entertainment and tourism industry. However, this technology has started making waves in the healthcare industry too. VR healthcare can prove to be beneficial for both healthcare professionals as well as patients. 


   Using simulators surgeons can get trained in a more realistic and low-risk environment. 


Anxiety disorders can be treated with Virtual Reality’s therapeutic potential that is also helpful in curing acute pain. 

Virtual Reality has thus become one of the most cost-effective yet efficient tools for both teaching as well as medical treatment. 

Robot-Assisted Surgeries

You might have heard about robotic surgeries already which may sound a little intimidating, considering your life is dependent on a robot, but it does not happen without the human doctors. Earlier doctors and healthcare professionals could not perform complex procedures but with advanced robotics implementation in healthcare, there have been astonishing improvements, which would be otherwise referred to as magic by our technically impaired ancestors. 

So, what really happens in robotic surgery is, a surgeon controls a device that has mechanical arms with a camera installed in it to provide a high definition site of the surgical area. This tech-solution not only provides flexibility but also enhances precision that results in lesser obvious scars. Moreover, you do not need to fear any infections as it has negligible as compared to manual surgeries. 

Well, maybe in the coming years, a robot might start performing advanced surgeries on humans but right now, we can all just feel safe with the fact that technology has improved our healthcare industry by manifolds. 

Final Words

Technology is still taking its time in the healthcare industry and with time we will come across platforms and solutions that we earlier saw or read in sci-fi movies and novels. Fortunately, you do not have to wait until then. You can transform your healthcare business model with a simple IoT mobile application development company, web portal, or even with wearable technology. Gradually, you can keep upgrading with advanced and complex features but to begin with, you can always enable your patients to connect with you through their mobile phones.

Beyond Root has an expert healthcare team that focuses on creating secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective healthcare solutions that comply with all valid healthcare policies. Connect with our expert tech-consultants to get your healthcare solution. 

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Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks businesses on a number of criteria, including carefully conducted interviews with past clients. This means that our success is largely a result of the kind words of our clients, who we would like to thank for taking the time to talk to Clutch about us.

Clutch also has two sister sites, Visual Objects, which showcases agencies that do outstanding creative or design work, such as mobile app developers and The Manifest, which lets users view quick bios of B2B companies, ranked by service focus and location. Beyond Root is listed on The Manifest as one of the leading graphic designers in India.

We are honored to receive this recognition. We are devoted to our clients, and we can’t wait to continue providing our clients with the highest quality service possible.




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