A Comprehensive Guide on How to Build an Alexa Skill – An Expert’s Take

Amazon Alexa is one of the innovative and sought-after voice assistants in the market. The voice interactions, coupled with artificial intelligence, facilitates everything from ordering food to setting up a quick reminder. These skills offered by Alexa radically expand the bots repertoire, allowing the users to perform more tasks using a voice-enabled device.

Voice technology has become a boon for the people and rapidly made a statement in the market Presently, there are more than 30M Amazon Echoes in the U.S. and 80,000 Alexa skills in the market. Such exponential growth has stimulated many businesses to develop Alexa skills and embrace the great opportunities brought forth by voice technology.

To help businesses leverage this groundbreaking innovation, we have shed light on how to build an Alexa Skill with a frictionless voice user interface (VUI) in the below.

So, let’s dive in..

Factors to consider while building an Alexa Skill

An Alexa skill must have a great Voice User Interface (VUI), which improves the voice recognition and responsiveness of the device. It depends on the various factors including, providing the right help and proper data to users, making skill flow feel like real conversations, and not forcing users to listen long content. Focusing on the below-mentioned points will help you to design and create the best and frictionless VUI.

Invocation Name: Invocation is used to invoke or start a skill. Alexa skills developers keep it precise, meaningful, clear, and easy to remember as users have to call the skill’s name to invoke it. Ideally, a skill name should comprise two words and match with the whole invocation sentence. For instance, Alexa, Play Soft Music – Here, “Soft Music” is the invocation name.

Intent: Intent is simply each task or function performed by a skill. Different intents are used to perform different tasks. So, if there is a skill to turn on/off the AC, it may have one intent for turning on/off light and another for adding a new user.

Utterances: Utterances are the sentences that users can use to navigate to a particular intent or open a specific stage inside the skill. Due to the variation and flexibility of spoken language in the real world, there will probably be ample ways to express a request. So, make sure to write as many utterances as possible while building an Alexa skill. For example, if you develop an Alexa skill for Horoscope and users want to know their horoscope, utterances can be:

  • What is the horoscope
  •  Get me my horoscope
  • Tell me the horoscope
  •   How’s my horoscope today

Though Alexa is smart enough to automatically understand similar sentences, it is a good idea to add multiple utterances to a skill.

Technical Aspects:

Designing for voice is way different than designing for a screen. The Alexa skill designers practice a real conversation like the one Alexa will initiate when a user gives a command before or during designing a skill.

The most important aspect of Alexa skills is that users never have to download them as they completely run on the cloud. They only need to enable them to leverage them.

When it comes to Alexa skill development, Amazon provides Alexa Skill Kit (ASK), which facilitates the development of the skills. There are majorly two sections for developing an Alexa Skill:

1.    Amazon Developer Console: Amazon Developer Console offers the best Graphical User interface for creating Alexa skills. It contains information about Alexa skills, including invocation, intents, utterances, and endpoint. Using the Amazon Console, we can also distribute skills and set a Beta Test.

2.     Backend: Since Alexa skills completely run on Cloud, they require a backend or an endpoint. We can either create it on AWS Lambda or Own Server.

a)    AWS Lambda: It provides a ready-to-go setup, and we don’t have to create an SSL secured server.

b)    Own Server: In this case, we need to have SSL enabled server running on port 443 only. We can use Flask or any other framework as a server.

The server will have to manage the JSON request from Alexa and also provide a JSON response. Both AWS Lambda and Own Server will perform the same functions internally.


Now, you’re familiar with all the ins and outs of how to develop an Alexa skill. If you’re seeking professional Alexa Skill development services, you can count on us. We will leverage our technical expertise and forward-thinking approach to providing you step-by-step guidance and voicing your business with a voice-enabled device integrated with the best Alexa skills.

Why Should You Have App Analytics In Your Business App?

Mobile technology has been well-embraced by various industries including entertainment, healthcare, finance, tourism, food & beverage, gaming, and many others. While enterprises understand the importance of having a mobile application for their business, they often neglect the most important aspect to have in it; app analytics. 

Some of the organizations might think that reading and responding to customer reviews & feedback on the App Store or Google Play Store is all about knowing the app’s performance. That said, some enterprises wish to see the broader picture that offers answers to all their whats, whys, and hows. These enterprises choose the intelligent way of understanding their users, improvement areas, usability issues, and other data metrics with the help of mobile app analytics. With data-driven strategies, companies can easily optimize their mobile solutions and maximize their ROI. 

Mobile analytics is crucial for your enterprise application and if your mobile app marketing team is not paying attention to it already, you are way too behind in the competition. Here is why you should have analytics in your business application: 

Marketing Strategy That Drives Better ROI

Mobile app analytics help you define realistic objectives that can be measured. Gathering random information about everything will not get you any results. However, if you set specific data pointers to measure the performance of varied campaigns, you will have results on which you can take actions. Mobile strategists can create user acquisition strategy that runs on different channels. With the help of mobile analytics, your marketing team can easily find out which works the best in terms of ROI and where to stop spending money. 

If you focus on creating an effective mobile marketing strategy, you must pay attention to the following: 

  • Highest Customer Lifetime Value: While assessing different channels, you must find out which channels have users that generate the maximum revenue and also have maximum retention probability. 
  • In-App Messaging: Learn from real users about their experience and improvise your strategy accordingly. 

Gathering Accurate User Information

Rather than staring hopelessly at the gathered user information on your screen, take the help of mobile app analytics that offers valuable business insights. Most of the businesses focus on scaling their enterprise without adhering to what their customers are experiencing. In the end, it is just an epic downfall for others to watch. 

staring hopelessly at the gathered user information on your screen, take the help of mobile app analytics that offers valuable business insights. Most of the businesses focus on scaling their enterprise without adhering to what their customers are experiencing. In the end, it is just an epic downfall for others to watch. 

Smart marketing teams focus on user acquisition strategies but they put in extra effort when it comes to retaining them. User retention rates can be improved when your company tries to understand its users. People value brands that listen to their pain areas and resolve them without any delays. With app analytics, you can detect reasons why customers are uninstalling your application or which app section they are not using at all or why they are not satisfied with your service. When mobile analytics provide actionable insights on the basis of customers’ interaction with your application, you can make enhancements that will not only enhance user experience but also improve engagement and boost sales. 

Customer-Centric Personalized Marketing

The most challenging thing for marketing people is to target customers individually. Fortunately, mobile app analytics has made it utterly simple to create campaigns as per the varied interests of the target audience. When you send personalized messages to users, the app open rates improve drastically which further shoots up the conversion rates. Moreover, you can get churned customers back if your marketing campaigns have targeted and personalized messages. 

App analytics enable you to collect data about new customers and find out those who fell out of the sales funnel too soon. When you analyze in-app user behavior and profile information of every user, you will be able to create a customer-centric and personalized marketing campaign that will give you the best results. 

Marketing Campaign Performance Measurement

Like mentioned earlier, mobile analytics help you set measurable business goals and objections. 

While you can continue running marketing activities on normal channels, investing in mobile app analytics to get access to real and accurate user data will improve your marketing results. Marketers are relying on analytical data more than ever and they are clearly capitalizing on this insightful knowledge. 

With apps sneaking into every segment of our lives, it has become critical to learn modern marketing techniques that are primarily based on mobile technology. App analytics help you plan marketing activities based upon users’ interests and then further optimize the same based upon their participation. As a result, you enhance marketing performance while optimizing the costs. 

Final Takeaway

If you have already spent enough time figuring out what your competitors have been doing better to get better results, please give a try to mobile app analytics. Having said that, if you are planning to hire a mobile app development company to build your business application, make sure to discuss the mobile analytics. 

Get in touch with expert analysts of Beyond Root Technology Services to know how you can leverage app analytics in creating a foolproof marketing strategy. 

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